Record to Report (R2R) is a Finance and Accounting (F&A) management process that involves collecting, processing and analysis data, driving timely and accurate information. It provides strategic, financial and operational feedback on how a business is performing.

Why is the Record-to-Report process so important? Many companies are of the belief that having an ERP system implemented will result in a better, more streamlined process with a shorter close cycle. Even though this belief about ready-to-deploy ERP systems is true, there are other areas that need to be addressed to ensure that the system delivers the desired ROI and helps in setting up an optimized process for governance, organizational alignment, and development of the workforce.

Companies should focus on developing a robust record-to-report process that covers the complete end-to-end cycle. Having an enhanced and accurate reporting mechanism helps management with better decision making as these executives rely on financial data for better performance of their organization.

Looking for Record to Report Services?

GA Viet Nam provides End-to-End Record to Report Services in Viet Nam:

  •  General Accounting & Bookkeeping
  •  Fixed Asset Accounting
  •  Inter-Company Reconciliation
  •  Cash & Treasury Management
  •  Bank, Cash & Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  •  Inventory Management & Accounting
  •  Financial Planning & Analysis
  •  The multi-dimension analysis report

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