Are you struggling to handle financial resource, analyze your operations and performance, reconcile your system integration and balance sheet items, etc.? Are you looking for a partner who could provide you with better quality, stable staff performance, cost-effective, and engage with new technology? Then, you have come to the right place!

GA Advisor is on experienced finance & accounting outsourcing company which can provide high-quality and cost-effective financial analysis services of compliant with VAS & IFRS. We are a preferred outsourcing partner when it comes to financial analysis services to clients across the globe, as outsourcing financial analysis services to GA ensures better quality, lower cost and easier management.

Our Services

Having been in the financial industry for about 20 years, we have gained enough experience to understand the client’s requirements with ease and provide the services accordingly. We provide a host of services in financial analysis outsourcing. These include:

  • Financial analysis and research
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements – monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports
  • Analysis of operation performance
  • Multi dimension profit analysis as customer/ market/ items/sale/employee….
  • Analysis of KPI management
  • Budget & Forecast Analysis
  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis
  • BOD analysis report

Why GA?

Viet Nam is a new destination of investment in Asia, however the finance & accounting local resources are not growing enough as demand. Salary is increasing, staff move without properly handover making many difficult to company. Technology is change the way of doing business, company need to upgrade all the systems, the current staff experience unable to hand the job scope of analysis and project management.

Is your organization looking for expert financial analysis services at a cost-effective price? Outsource to GA Advisor and get access to the best in financial analysis services.

Our Service Process

We believe in providing our clients with the best quality services and this is possible when we leverage a streamlined and systematic process. The key steps involved in our financial analysis are:

  • Business Analysis:

In the first steps, our team to come to analysis your company process & procedure, data flow and expect outcome from management.

  • Data Collection:

We decide the way to collect data from your company, either by API service or upload manually data to our portal.

  • Data Processing:

After the relevant information is collected, we process the information to derive and highlight significant relationships. We build up data modelling for reporting analysis.

  • Data Interpretation:

Once the data is processed, modelling is built, our expert team of financial experts will interpret the financial information and derive the necessary inferences.

Your Benefit when outsource the financial analysis to Us

Your organization can have:

  • Reduced costs (Up to 30-50%), improved service and enhanced quality – generating value for all stakeholders concerned
  • Complete transparency with improved financial reporting in accordance with regulatory compliance specifications
  • Use of latest financial analysis tools and technologies
  • High-level of data security and confidentiality maintained
  • Enhanced decision-making abilities due to faster and more accurate data analysis
  • Improved service levels, a result of better technology usage providing access to the latest data
  • Better knowledge management to enhance the corporate bottom line
  • Experience CFO in the same your industry area
  • Free trial available to test the quality of our services

Our Team

GA Advisor has been a pioneer in providing financial analysis services for foreign corporation in Viet Nam. We hire the very best of professionals – experienced chartered accountants, statisticians with master degrees, and professionals with MBA Finance qualifications, especially many years of experience in the industry like manufacturing, F&B, logistic, trading, real estate…. Coupled with this is our team of technical/business analysts and data entry operators, providing the required technical assistance to ensure seamless financial analysis.

GA Advisor also provides its customers with a fluent English speaking and streamlined workforce who can provide you with the desired results. By staying abreast with the latest global financial trends, adopting the latest finance and accounting services and leveraging the benefits of outsourcing to Viet Nam, GA Advisor Viet Nam enables companies to derive value-driven benefits and thereby increase profitability.

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