Why need to outsource the cash flow management?

Ineffective financial management can make or break revenue bottom lines and can severely dent growth prospects. A viable proposition alternative is to outsource cash management to a professional service provider. Such partnership frees you from the burden of managing routine cash flow management tasks and puts the focus back on acquiring new customers and solidifying stakeholder relationships.

Whether it is managing daily cash flow activities or long term cash flow planning we can take on projects of varying complexities. Backed by a team of financial accountants, analysts and project managers, we take care of your cash flow transitions, without any hassles.

Our Cash Flow Management Service

Our cash flow / money management services include the following:

  • Daily Cash Flow Report Maintenance (Sales, Deposits, Expenses)
  • Accounts Payable and Receivables
  • Bank/ Cash/ Credit Card Report Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting And Planning
  • Fraud Management/ Insurance Policy
  • Cash Advance management
  • Managing Electronic Payments
  • Loan Arrangement
  • Investment Consulting

Of the above, there are two area can help you for future cash flow planning:

  • Budgeting Cash Flows: Budgeting allows for predicting inflow and outflow of cash to a higher degree of accuracy. This will help you mitigate any future risks and gives you a tool to manage future financial requirements
  • Planning Cash Flows: Similar to cash flow budgeting, cash flow planning will give you estimated future cash inflows in detail. Through monthly statements you will be able to efficiently plan for future investments, fund raising and budgeting

Why Us?

More than a decade of experience in outsourcing has helped GA Advisor work with customers of all sizes and from different industry verticals. This has allowed us to work on banking, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, Media and Government projects. Our ability to accurately understand different businesses, and handle various projects effectively at the same time has set us apart from our competitors.

Here are few reasons why our clients always prefer us as their financial management partner:

  • Expert core team that consists of accounting professionals, financial analysts, process management consultants and chartered accountants
  • Access to outsourcing management best practices
  • Robust physical and data security measures
  • On-time project delivery within budget
  • Cost Effective  

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