Account Payable Outsourcing (P2P)

Account Payable Outsourcing or Purchase to Pay (P2P) is defined from procure materials, goods or services until payment to vendor and record throughout in all company systems. The process can involve many departments as verifying the cost, recording in system and management approval make the cost increasing, process is complicated and time consuming.

Therefore, many subprocess can be outsourced to reduce the manpower, cost management effecicency, like invoicing, purchase order management, data processing, account payable & reconciliation.

In Viet Nam, account payable outsourcing can help the customer to focus on their core operations, simple the organization and easy to adjust with the scale of the business, especially reduce the risk of unrealizable staff and follow company policy strictly.

In GA Outsourcing, we have a strong team with more than 10 years experience in managing purchase to pay process, the account payable outsourcing service we offer full package to you:

  •  Vendor contract management, tariff comparison and purchase order procedure management. Evaluation vendor in the time basis.
  •  Master data management
  •  Receive and verify from vendor
  •  Reconcile with PO from purchase order systems.
  •  Post in ledger accounts and periods
  •  Account reconciliation and monthly closing

For the outsourcing service your organization will be able to manage working capital and cash flow better, develop and maintain strong vendor relationships, determine potential areas of cost saving, increase organizational agility and comply with regulatory policies.

For your requirement, pls contact to Ms Hari Nguyen – Service Manager – Email: – Tel: +84 989737879